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Nowhere in the world is there a sailing area as rich in historic and cultural significance as the Mediterranean. Sailors from all over the world rendezvous here each year to share their passion for sailing and to trace the early voyages of ancient Greek and Phoenician explorers.

Your exploration begins as you set sail from one of our ideally located bases, with more than 170 yachts available. From the magical Sounion to Rhodes and Corfu to Kefalonia you will find an exciting variety of sailing conditions, superb vistas and memorable sightseeing. This is the trip of a life time, one to rival your stay in a brighton hotel or to New York. With so much to offer you in terms of beauty and history, you'd be mad not to love it.

Archeological sites abound - many of them the traditional homes of mythological gods.

You'll set sail on a voyage that is not only your own personal odyssey into history but your own pleasure cruise through Europe's favorite places in the sun.

The sailing conditions here are among the most favored and predictable in the world. The Meltemi winds, varying from 7 to 35 knots, begin in May, peak in July and then subside in September. In the northern Aegean, the Meltemi are northeasterly, shifting to a stronger northerly as one enters the central Aegean, and then blowing from the northwest in the south.

As in most Mediterranean locations, winds are calm in the morning and always pick up by midday.

Z a k y n t h o s (Zante)

"The flower of the East" is a beautiful green island with golden bays and crystal waters, tame mountains ideal for climbing and a very active cultural life. Zakynthos is the home of the Mediterranean sea turtle "carreta-carreta" a protected species. Don't forget to visit the sea caves to the North, (they resemble the famous Blue Grotto of Capri), and a sailing trip to the west side of the island will bring you to an enormous beach with a shipwreck embedded in the sand.


Deriving their name from the word KYKLOS meaning circle, because they surround the sacred island of Delos, the Cyclades are the most visited island group.
They are everyone’s Greek island ideal, with their dazzling white house, twisting cobbled alley-ways, blue-domed churches, hilltop windmills, and stunning beaches.

Most of the Cyclades are rocky and arid, with the exceptions of wooded and lush-valleyed Andros, Kea, and Naxos. This variety ensures the islands are popular with artists, walkers, and those seeking quiet relaxation.


    Scattered along the coast of Turkey, the Dodecanese are the most southerly group of islands, their hot climate and fine beaches attracting many visitors.
They are the most cosmopolitan archipelago, with an eastern influence present in their architecture.
Also were the last territories to be incorporated into modern Greece..

    The climate of these islands stays hot well into the autumn, providing a long season in which to enjoy the beaches. These vary from black pebbles to silver sands, and deserted bays to shingle strips packed with sunbathers.

     Although our main bases are in Ahtens, Corfu and Rhodes, yachts can be delivered to and redelivered by the clients almost everywhere, should that be Samos, Skiathos or Lefkas. One-way charters are also common, i.e. Corfu - Athens, Syros - Rhodes etc. The type and number of yachts we choose to operate from each base every season, varies according to the formulated demand.